Soundproofing solutions

2B Resine manufactures and markets sound absorbing and soundproofing articles which are able to guarantee the best acoustic solutions both in industrial and civil sectors. In recent years it has largely specialized in the studying and designing works for soundproofing and acoustic correction of: public premises, hotels, apartment hotels etc. through the use of soundproof  and sound absorbing panels treating them as objects of design .The company has developed technical skills aimed at resolving issues related to the reduction of noise emissions of manufacturing activities and particularly noisy technological installations in the industrial sector with the application of acoustic panels and noise barriers. 2B Resine aims to improve the acoustics of the theaters, listening and rehearsal rooms and recording studios.

2B Resine has always been looking for the best materials in terms of quality and safety for the realization of:

  • Polyester fiber panels
  • Polyurethane foam panels
  • Melamine resin panels
  • Soundproofing furniture panels
  • Soundproof ceiling panels
  • Acoustic insulation
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