Acoustic Cabinets

acoustic cabinets and forniture components to eliminate the damage caused by noise in any environment.

Pannelli Eko Off

Acoustic cabinets are equipped with sound absorbing doors, which significantly limit the acoustic reverberation and at the same time furnish with elegance and originality the working space, it it’s the winning answer to the desire to improve the well-being and comfort of those who work or attend crowded and noisy places. 
This is the solution that the leading furnishing companies have given to the market, thanks to the use of raw materials and technical advice of 2B Resine. Laser technology allows you to cut the metal structure by creating geometries and original graphic motifs, leaving plenty of room for the sound absorbing melamine resin panel emerging from the background.

Often, designers are faced with acoustic reclamations of already existing spaces, where the achievement of the auditory comfort required by the client, needs a spatial reorganization in a short time and at low cost.

In open space offices where different working groups coexist, it becomes critical to optimize the acoustic to promote communication within one group and avoid disturbing adjacent or more distant groups.

In offices equipped with partition walls that generally require greater privacy, the noises to be limited are the artificial ones , such as ventilation systems, PCs, printers.

The need to soundproof the office is increasingly widespread, through reliable products in terms of decibel absorption and aesthetically pleasing . Modules of furniture, removable partitions with sound absorbing elements can simultaneously define workspaces and optimize working environments differently according to their role and size.