About us

2B Resine, sound-absorbing and soundproof products.

2B Resine S.r.l. was born in 2001 and thanks to the technical, regulatory and commercial knowledge of the founding partners, emerges in a short time in the industrial and construction sectors, producing and marketing sound-absorbing and soundproof artifacts for domestic and foreign markets.

2B Resine prepares the full product cycle and offers to its customers:

• project technical consultancy;
• predisposition of raw materials;
• product realization;
• in-process control of the item's specific features.

The EkOff panels can be manufactured with both fabric print and colored canvas holder. With these panels,you can realize smart, great-looking solutions and fully customizable in size and format.

Wall of silence - Habitat
Habitat is a self supporting sound insulating panel coupled to a plasterboard plate, for the creation of acoustic false walls.

2B Resine offers soundproofing solutions: earth moving machines, generators and UPS, air conditioning units, wall boilers, home appliances, nautical products.

Factory: Plant: The purchase of plants and machinery specially built on specific specifications of our technicians and the continuous search for new raw materials give way to 2B Resine S.r.l. to be flexible and agile to deal with an increasingly demanding market with competitive products which are able to meet the specific requests ofboth industrial and construction sectors.

2B Resine S.r.l. has a small analytical laboratory that normally uses for inbound and outbound material controls.