Restaurants and canteens

Acoustic problems in Restaurants and canteens business.

All crowded places especially those destined to restaurants and canteens business often cause stress to the users and employees due to the noise that is generated in these environments.

2B Resine through his experience, can give guidelines that illustrate the possibilities of application of Its products within restaurants and canteens.
The technicians of 2B Resine have performed a series of surveys both objective and subjective, evaluating the acoustic discomfort of users of company canteens. High levels of noise and acoustics of the room not corrected, in general are able to cause adverse effects on the person, both from the physical point of view that on the psychological.

A canteen "DOC" should be welcoming and comfortable from the acoustic point of view and be pleasing to the eye for shapes and colors. These are the principles that 2B Resine adopts in acoustic corrections of canteens and spaces for catering.

Very often the frequenters of the canteens and restaurants feel especially at the time of maximum inflow, which coincides with the lunch break, difficulty in chat as well as a certain degree of discomfort and disturbance due to the excessive noise present in the room.

The consequences of this persistent rumble are obvious: the diners are struggling to communicate between them and ultimately raise their voice, increasing even more the background noise level; the difficulty of communicating leads as a consequence, to the impossibility of establishing personal and business relationships. The advantages of a good acoustic insulation are:

1) Greater productivity within the company

The disturbance from continuous noise is a factor that contributes to reduce managers’ and employees’ productivity. The investments in acoustic correction with the installation of sound absorbing panels, in canteens , in meeting rooms and in the spaces dedicated to the telemarketing should be perceived positively within companies   and returned in terms of greater efficiency.

2) Possibility of tax deduction for interventions of acoustic insulation

In Italy the incentives for restructuring also provide insulators interventions. Acoustic Insulation is made with materials that obviously contribute to reduce the dispersion of heat and therefore fall between eligible interventions.

3) Certifiable interventions. Quality and success

Every improvement in restructuring is documented and this does not only serve the routine checks provided by law but also comes to be part of the process that determines the quality of the Brand. The high quality, especially when certified, makes the company more attractive and competitive, assuring it greater prospects of success.

4) Space optimization. Short time for implementation

In areas often vast as those dedicated to company canteens, can occur an influx of users that determines the need to divide and re-allocate to different uses part of the space. With the sound-absorbing structures joined to a competent design capacity in this field, you can create endless responses to this need. Fast to make, modular and economic.

The solutions that 2B Resine proposes, starting from the Habitat walls to the new panels of next production, shall respond to all these demands and even those that come to mind. We offer you a complete service, from design to production, according to your specifications.